Full Legs Laser Hair Removal (Woman)

Full Legs Laser Hair Removal (Woman)

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What is full legs laser hair removal?

Full legs laser hair removal is a hair removal treatment that will treat hair from the ankle up to the top of the thighs. Thus, it includes the lower legs, knees, upper legs and inner thighs as well as extended bikini. However, it does not include the bikini line. One session will take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

A package for full legs laser hair removal at Spektrum Laser Spa includes six sessions and costs $798. The full legs are not hormonal and therefore are faster to provide results. Expect to see a significant hair growth decrease from the second session.

Full legs laser hair removal is not painful. The sensation is close to rubber bands snapping at the skin very fast but it will not hurt. It is not the most pleasant sensation however. The technician will adjust the intensity of the laser for each patient. Should the laser feel too hot, the patient must inform the laser technician.


When comes summer, comes the season to wear cute dresses, skirts and shorts. However, nothing ruins the ambiance more than rebellious hair, ingrown hair and unwanted hair in general. Look at your legs. Sure, you waxed, but it is already growing back. And you will have to wait a good four weeks before doing it. What you need is full legs laser hair removal.

  Leg hair can quickly become annoying. If you wear a midi skirt or linen trousers, you are good. However, what about when you go to the beach? While some do not care about their body hair, others do. It all comes down to personal preferences and know that full legs laser hair removal will help you be leg hair-less for a very long time should you decide to go for it!

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a hair removal method that first came to be back in the 1960s. The FDA had then approved the first ND: YAG lasers but the technique was left behind for some time as it needed more refining. It is in the 1970s that laser hair removal really improved and started to become very popular. Nowadays, a lot of men and women undergo full legs laser hair removal or even remove hair on their whole body.

The procedure uses a laser set on a specific wavelength and pulse duration. The light energy emitted by the laser targets the pigment in the hair. It will then travel down to the hair follicle. There the light energy will transform into thermal energy and damage the follicle beyond repair.

The goal is to damage the hair follicle enough so that it does not regenerate nor produce any new hair. The combination of repetitive full legs laser hair removal treatment will contribute to reducing hair growth by up to 90%. Laser hair removal is not permanent as per the FDA definition. However, a lot of patients experience permanent hair removal after six to twelve sessions.